316945 – paul@estateresearch.com 03/30/2020 09:15 pm

30 Mar 316945 – paul@estateresearch.com 03/30/2020 09:15 pm

Docket # : 316945
Last Name : KEARNS
Issued Date : 04/12/2019
Date of Death : 08/26/2018
Search Type : Certified Copy, Death Certificate, Updated Certificates *if applicable ($5.00 each, list in comment section the number requested)
Search Type Comments : Hello – For a court claim in California, we need two documents from this estates: Death Certificate (certified) and Letters Testamentary (document appointing Pamela Wells as the Executor of the Estate). Both need to be certified. The death certificate may not be part of the file.

Please send me the invoice to pay. When I send payment I will provide our mail address to send the certified documents.

Paul Elissiry

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