297282 – kmacri@gmail.com 12/17/2018 07:11 pm

17 Dec 297282 – kmacri@gmail.com 12/17/2018 07:11 pm

Docket # : 297282
First : MAURA
Last Name : MACRI
Issued Date : 07/07/2008
Date of Death : 06/25/2008
Search Type : Affidavit
Search Type Comments : Hello – As of today, December 17th 2018, I am requesting an updated “affidavit of next of kin”. The financial institution Stifel Nicolaus (listed as #2 item on the original affidavit, issued July 7th 2008) has advised that an updated affidavit is required so that the assets listed may be moved to my name.
Please send the updated affidavit to my mailing address at: Kelsey Macri, 40 Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn, NY 11218. If any further information is needed or there are any questions, please call me at 646-660-1379. Thank you very much – Kelsey Macri

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