239111 – pasquale@cs.ucsd.edu 09/18/2018 08:25 pm

18 Sep 239111 – pasquale@cs.ucsd.edu 09/18/2018 08:25 pm

Docket # : 239111
Last Name : PASQUALE
Issued Date : 02/14/1985
Date of Death : 01/31/1985
Search Type : Request Updated Certificates *if applicable (Please Call 201-795-6378)
Search Type Comments : Hello. I need a Surrogate’s Certificate that is the same as the original but with a current date. I am the son of the late Carlo Anthony Pasquale (Docket # 239111), and I am helping my mother (Maria Francesca Pasquale) who needs an updated Surrogate’s Certificate, the only update required being that it have a current date (the remainder of the contents remain the same). If it helps any, I have a copy of the original Surrogate’s Certificate, but as it is dated from 1985 it does not meet our needs. I have spoken to a clerk (who was extremely helpful), and he provided me instructions to mail in my request (as I would not be able to physically come to your office because I live in California). However, I then found your website, and it if turns out that I can complete this transaction via the web (electronically), including paying for it (e.g., with credit card), that would be more convenient. If mail is the only option, then I will certainly make the request via mail. I look forward to your advice. Thank you. Joe Pasquale (phone: 760 632-1256)

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